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Surfrider Foundation Teams Up with REEF to Clean the Nation’s Beaches

Bryan Kranitz

Bryan Kranitz serves as founding president of Justice Energy, a Los Angeles-based company that provides solutions to help improve energy efficiency in buildings. In his free time, Bryan Kranitz enjoys traveling, playing golf, hiking, and surfing. He also dedicates his time and resources to nonprofit groups such as the Surfrider Foundation.

In its efforts to protect the world’s oceans and beaches, the Surfrider Foundation advances a variety of initiatives with the help of community and corporate partners. The organization recently announced that is partnering with the footwear and apparel brand REEF to advance the Better Beach Alliance.
Through the partnership, REEF and the Surfrider Foundation will organize local volunteers to conduct trash removal and beach cleanup projects along the nation’s coastlines. The 2018 goal of the Better Beach Alliance is to remove at least 150,000 pounds of trash during 1,500 beach cleanups.
The Better Beach Alliance also supports the Surfrider Foundation’s Rise Above Plastics program, which helps keep plastic out of the marine environment through cleanup and awareness activities. More information about the Better Beach Alliance and other Surfrider Foundation initiatives is available at

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